I believe we live in a beauty culture that magnifies on perfection and precision(e.g. popular and ‘gorgeous’ photos all over social media etc.). So in the case of poor lighting, no makeup, unstrategic angles, are you able to accept and like yourself then? Do you love yourself enough to accept your flaws and less-than-perfect moments and still think you’re worthy and beautiful?

It’s one thing to want to have a nice picture. It’s another to obsess over getting the one best picture. Well, what beauty standards are we trying to live up to? 

Whatever that we potray to the world.. it is essentially, for show. But you know yourself best. May we be better looking in person and be good looking and beautiful because our hearts and souls are beautiful and content ameen. May we always be beautiful to our Creator, who created us in the best of forms.


Words of Goodness

“Maybe this is the better path for us..”

“Always want the best for you”

“Even if it’s a little bit, be grateful”

Words of affirmation/reminders from lovely people throughout the week. A note to self that you never know when your words will have a positive impact on others so always speak that which is good ❤

Heart Therapy Talk @ Jamiyah ar-Rabitah Mosque

The past Sunday I attended the above talk with my dear A, alhamdulillah it was a beneficial afternoon. Can’t be more timely, to talk about the heart, especially since it’s been more than a month since Ramadhan left. These are some personal takeaways I managed to note down:

First part of the talk was by Ustazah Shameem Sultanah. The ABC model-

The ABC model-

  • A being Adversity, something that you cannot change yet this A is meant for you.
  • B stands for Beliefs, where they can either be positive or negative. We can choose between these 2, no matter the adversity. Positive beliefs stem from a strong connection/rope with Allah swt, that is to think well of Allah no matter what our circumstances are or whatever that happens to us. From that rope, we also have ropes and connections with people and things. These can be our attachments too, which we need to cut because they can hinder us from having a sole attachment to Allah.
  • C stands for consequences. This can also be positive or negative, as this is a result of our beliefs. So we can actually change our outcome(insyaAllah) if we just change our beliefs.

How to change our beliefs? It’s important to monitor our self-talk.

  1. Listen to our self-talk. Put away our phone at times and just don’t do anything.
  2. Be quiet, look around and monitor the things you tell yourself. Is it positive or negative?
  3. If it’s negative, redirect and change it to positive.

Think positively of people(creations), think positively of the Creator -> Peace & serenity

Second part of the talk was by Ustazah Halimah Alaydrus titled Berhati-hatilah dengan hati (this part will be in Malay).

  • Allah swt tidak lihat kepada rupa kita tetapi pada hati kita, di mana letaknya hati kita.
  • Hati adalah pemimpin, baiknya ia, baiklah diri kita. Buruknya ia, buruklah diri kita nauzubillah.
  • Hati adalah tempat Allah tetapkan untuk segala yang baik seperti cinta dan iman.
  • Kebahagiaan terletak bukan pada benda luaran seperti harta, kecantikan atau kuasa tetapi terletak pada hati.
  • Goal kita? Untuk mendapatkan hati yang bersih.1- Bersihkan hati dengan istighfar, dan taubat. 2- Istiqamah dengan sentiasa mengingati Allah, consistent dalam ibadah, jauhkan penyakit hati. 3-Dekati orang-orang yang baik.

Moga kita tergolong dalam golongan yang mempunyai nafsu mutmainnah di mana Allah akan berkata pada hari Kiamat:

“Kembalilah kepada Tuhanmu dengan keadaan engkau berpuas hati (dengan segala nikmat yang diberikan) lagi diredhai (di sisi Tuhanmu) ! –

“Serta masuklah engkau dalam kumpulan hamba-hambaku yang berbahagia 

“Dan masuklah ke dalam SyurgaKu!”

-Surah al-Fajar: 28-30


It’s Singapore’s birthday today and I thought I’d do a little appreciation post 🙂 Since 51 things I’m grateful for as a Singaporean is a tad bit consuming, I shall list down 15 hehe(in no order of priority or importance):

  1. We learn from other nations and are always pro-active. Just look at the effort to step up security especially during today’s national day celebration at the stadium.
  2. Our multi-racial and religious society that should never ever be taken for granted
  3. Good food. Enough said.
  4. The MRT
  5. Void-deck weddings
  6. Gardens by the Bay!
  7. Singlish
  8. Kindness of fellow Singaporeans
  9. Low crime, zero tolerance for bribery
  10. Subsidised healthcare
  11. Opportunities for self-upgrade/advancement
  12. Peace and security
  13. Queues.. Nah just kidding. I dislike queueing but Singaporeans queue for anything and everything.
  14. Whatever left of nature we preserve in the forms of parks, beaches.
  15. And everything else that I don’t get to mention.

It always seems to me that we always have endless things to complain about, things we’re unhappy about. In spite of all that, may we always be grateful for all that we have because they are all blessings from Allah swt. May He protect us and avert us from the evil plots and wrongdoing of others. May we always grow, progress with the country. Ameen.