It’s Singapore’s birthday today and I thought I’d do a little appreciation post 🙂 Since 51 things I’m grateful for as a Singaporean is a tad bit consuming, I shall list down 15 hehe(in no order of priority or importance):

  1. We learn from other nations and are always pro-active. Just look at the effort to step up security especially during today’s national day celebration at the stadium.
  2. Our multi-racial and religious society that should never ever be taken for granted
  3. Good food. Enough said.
  4. The MRT
  5. Void-deck weddings
  6. Gardens by the Bay!
  7. Singlish
  8. Kindness of fellow Singaporeans
  9. Low crime, zero tolerance for bribery
  10. Subsidised healthcare
  11. Opportunities for self-upgrade/advancement
  12. Peace and security
  13. Queues.. Nah just kidding. I dislike queueing but Singaporeans queue for anything and everything.
  14. Whatever left of nature we preserve in the forms of parks, beaches.
  15. And everything else that I don’t get to mention.

It always seems to me that we always have endless things to complain about, things we’re unhappy about. In spite of all that, may we always be grateful for all that we have because they are all blessings from Allah swt. May He protect us and avert us from the evil plots and wrongdoing of others. May we always grow, progress with the country. Ameen.


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