How amazing and beautiful would it be

To fall in love with a man
Through his words
Not flowery fluff make-any-woman melt kind of words
But words of deep and long thought
Words that signal of intellect, maturity, his heart
Words that direct toward the signs of the world that He has created- signs of reminders, beauty
More than attractive physical looks, may I fall in love with a man of breathtakingly beautiful mind and heart who centers his life on God❤


Mind, you need rest.

Have you ever felt so mentally overwhelmed?

Like when you intend to have a short break from school assignment/work then turn to social media for what seemed like an eternity because everyone else’ life is just so accessible. Another picture, to another celebrity’s sad story, to finding out another celebrity is dating someone, yada yada yada. And when it involves emotions, it’s worse. As an INFJ, I absorb those emotions. Somehow. I feel them as if they’re my own. As if my own struggles and unresolved thoughts and emotions aren’t enough.

It’s crazy sometimes to realise how much I, or we, tend to “care” so much about others. What was supposed to be rest time turned out to be occupied time with social media and you end up not rested, in fact, more tired. Mentally. Guess it affects your body too?

So much information, so many distractions. Anyone else having trouble “disciplining” yourself when it comes to your daily “social media intake”? I don’t think it’s just me. Maybe it affects me more since I’m a HSP(highly-sensitive person) cum an introvert?

And like I usually do when I feel this way, I disable those apps. Them all. Until I feel more calm, more at peace with myself, my senses, my thoughts, my emotions.

Nature, anytime.

There’s something calming, exciting yet scary about the outdoors. I know Coney Island(where I went) isn’t close to the adventure like the Survivor reality series or even the TV series Lost but I can’t help but be reminded of it. 

Honestly, there’s nothing like looking up to towering greeneries, some more pretty than others, the clear, vast skies in the background and a trail upfront. Gotta love the first picture as I feel it speaks of beauty and life. Also, the feeling that you are such a small being among His other majestic creations is truly humbling. 

I’ve come to the realization that at times, we need to be away from our usual daily routine to refresh and reignite our senses by being with nature. A reason for adventurous nature getaways! Need not necessarily be holidays, if possible then great. If not, explore your own birth land. Surely there has to be something. After all, aren’t we all living under the same blanket of sky of Allah swt? Means there’s beauty everywhere. We just need to open our eyes and hearts to see and appreciate. May He make us among those who are eternally grateful and who chooses, time and time again to see the good and beautiful.

​”You’re too pretty to be single!”

“You’re too pretty to be single! Are you sure you’re single?”
A comment made on a sister’s instagram photo and caption about embracing singlehood while awaiting the right person to make their presence.

Reminds me of a similar remark I personally encountered with a colleague. Funny how I didn’t manage to say anything when the remark was made.

From my perspective, this person is indirectly implying that pretty girls should be attached. In other words, attractive people should be with someone.

I disagree to a person who perceives another person’s physical beauty as equitable to her value of being in a romantic relationship with a man. Will you ever hear you’re too smart to be single? You’re too kind to be single? I don’t mean to compare but I feel society has always deemed pretty, or rather physical attractiveness, as a sure ticket to the good things in life, including a partner.

Then what about the other girls who are not your typical society-deemed “pretty”? Not the fair-skin, big eyes, perfect teeth and the list goes on kind of pretty?
Are they not as equally worthy of being loved as well?
I believe we ladies, don’t realise or forget that, we are enough. Enough in the sense that, even though we have plenty of room for improvements in ourselves, we are lovable enough. We don’t need to be pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, whatever. Because if you’re gonna engage in social comparison that way all the time, you’ll never be happy. And we all want to be happy right? So let’s learn everyday, to love, respect and embrace our unique qualities and idiosyncracies, to forgive ourselves for the times we fall short and to keep motivating ourselves to try again, work harder, be better, grow stronger. May we always strive to be attractive in the sight of God first ❤

For the man who refuse to shed tears

For the man whose sadness goes to blank, an emptiness
Anger and disappointment resides
Not because he’s afraid to
Rather he was taught tears were a symbol of weakness
Tears meant he should toughen up, grow up
To where does he channel those emotions
How will he finally realise he’s just as human
I feel for you
I feel deeply for you
This highly sensitive soul absorbs your emotions as if they’re mine
I understand you better than you ever think I do or show
And so
I cry for you.

Salam maal hijrah!

“Hijrah itu pengorbanan. Hijrah itu perjuangan. Hijrah itu persaudaraan. Hijrah membawa perpaduan.”

The essence of hijrah goes back to the hijrah of our Prophet pbuh. Peace and blessings be upon him always and forever.

May Allah forgive us all and protect us in these extremely trying times. May He put the love of Islam in our hearts and make Him the center of our lives. May our hearts be cleansed of illness and be filled with compassion and love towards ourself and others. May He make us exemplary living ambassadors of the Deen. May we be granted strength and courage to hasten to all that which is good and that brings us closer to Him and to leave that which He is not pleased with. May He grant us steadfastness and strength of character and positivity to tread the righteous path. May He grant us righteous and worthy companions in this life and the next. May He unite our hearts upon iman, despite our differences. May we always hasten to Allah’s forgiveness and strive to continously improve our conditions.