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Mind, you need rest.

​Have you ever felt so mentally overwhelmed? Like when you intend to have a short break from school assignment/work then turn to social media for what seemed like an eternity because everyone else’ life is just so accessible. Another picture, to another celebrity’s sad story, to finding out another celebrity is dating someone, yada yada… Continue reading Mind, you need rest.

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Nature, anytime.

There’s something calming, exciting yet scary about the outdoors. I know Coney Island(where I went) isn’t close to the adventure like the Survivor reality series or even the TV series Lost but I can’t help but be reminded of it.  Honestly, there’s nothing like looking up to towering greeneries, some more pretty than others, the… Continue reading Nature, anytime.

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​”You’re too pretty to be single!”

​“You’re too pretty to be single! Are you sure you’re single?” A comment made on a sister’s instagram photo and caption about embracing singlehood while awaiting the right person to make their presence. Reminds me of a similar remark I personally encountered with a colleague. Funny how I didn’t manage to say anything when the… Continue reading ​”You’re too pretty to be single!”

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​For the man who refuse to shed tears For the man whose sadness goes to blank, an emptiness Anger and disappointment resides Not because he’s afraid to Rather he was taught tears were a symbol of weakness Tears meant he should toughen up, grow up To where does he channel those emotions How will he… Continue reading