Salam maal hijrah!

“Hijrah itu pengorbanan. Hijrah itu perjuangan. Hijrah itu persaudaraan. Hijrah membawa perpaduan.”

The essence of hijrah goes back to the hijrah of our Prophet pbuh. Peace and blessings be upon him always and forever.

May Allah forgive us all and protect us in these extremely trying times. May He put the love of Islam in our hearts and make Him the center of our lives. May our hearts be cleansed of illness and be filled with compassion and love towards ourself and others. May He make us exemplary living ambassadors of the Deen. May we be granted strength and courage to hasten to all that which is good and that brings us closer to Him and to leave that which He is not pleased with. May He grant us steadfastness and strength of character and positivity to tread the righteous path. May He grant us righteous and worthy companions in this life and the next. May He unite our hearts upon iman, despite our differences. May we always hasten to Allah’s forgiveness and strive to continously improve our conditions.


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