Mind, you need rest.

Have you ever felt so mentally overwhelmed?

Like when you intend to have a short break from school assignment/work then turn to social media for what seemed like an eternity because everyone else’ life is just so accessible. Another picture, to another celebrity’s sad story, to finding out another celebrity is dating someone, yada yada yada. And when it involves emotions, it’s worse. As an INFJ, I absorb those emotions. Somehow. I feel them as if they’re my own. As if my own struggles and unresolved thoughts and emotions aren’t enough.

It’s crazy sometimes to realise how much I, or we, tend to “care” so much about others. What was supposed to be rest time turned out to be occupied time with social media and you end up not rested, in fact, more tired. Mentally. Guess it affects your body too?

So much information, so many distractions. Anyone else having trouble “disciplining” yourself when it comes to your daily “social media intake”? I don’t think it’s just me. Maybe it affects me more since I’m a HSP(highly-sensitive person) cum an introvert?

And like I usually do when I feel this way, I disable those apps. Them all. Until I feel more calm, more at peace with myself, my senses, my thoughts, my emotions.


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