Here and Now

Darling don’t you dwell on your worries
Remember you always have a choice
Choose what to focus on
Search for and keep positive vibes and gratitude close
Finding answers and knowledge will be a journey
So don’t rush
Focus now and make time for all that matters
And the rest, is just clutter.



“Oh, I need a break” she exclaims.

Off she went into the realm of her life
By herself
With the phone
Digesting information of sorts
One after another
Anxious, she feels
“What is it I’m looking for?” she asks herself.
Affirmation? Validation? Entertainment?
Sorry but, useless information?
Do I even care about all these things that these people are doing?
What am I? Nosey? Busybody?
One click, or tap, leads to another. And another. And another.
She puts away her phone, more tired than before.
Her mind, drained.
Her soul, empty.
And so I tell her.
With many things they can be a double-edged sword.
It has its benefits, and it can do you harm too.
Managing your time is also learning to allocate time for social media use.
Don’t spend time on it just because.
This sword has became such an automatic process
When what you would better be off doing is simply close your eyes..
Notice your breathing..
See where your mind wanders.
Do your obligatory prayer, if you havn’t,
I’m pretty sure. You’re more likely to have a good, refreshing break.