Let’s #self-care.

I’d like to share something that I’ve been practising for quite a while now that helped me to be much calmer, lighter and less anxious.

I learnt this from a hypnotherapist who does mindfulness sessions at the psychiatric rehabilitation centre where I’m currently interning at. She shared that every day we should spend some time just looking out, at the trees or the skies, and do a quick exercise. And I was reminded of the grouding technique that I came across on Pinterest and so this is what I did. (You may skip this part to the exercise below or feel free to read through 😁)

[While walking to the MRT or the centre I would just take a few minutes to focus on my senses and consciously let in all the stimuli. So I will pay attention to what I can see-the trees, the color of the shirt the person in front of me is wearing, the color of the car on the nearby road etc. What I can hear- the cars, motorcycles, birds chirping, construction sounds etc. What I can feel- the fresh air, the warmth of the sun, etc. It’s said that one of the things this exercise helps with is anxiety. It makes sense because you are re-directing your focus outward rather than inward to all your sometimes negative and unproductive thoughts. Takes only a few minutes of your day, will be well worth it so do try!]

Okay back to the exercise. So she shared that we should repeat these statements on a daily basis. What you can do prior to this(which I also do) is to take a few deep breaths first. Focus on your breathing. Then while maintaining your sight on what is in front of you, say these:

1. Thank you Allah for granting me perfect eyesight.
2. I am able to see Your creations with clarity.
3. I see the good in every thing, every situation and every person. (I will also make dua here that He makes it easy for me to do just that.)

Say it from the bottom of your heart, feel your heart swell with gratitude as you say it. And smile. You will feel lighter, calmer and more focused. Just a small daily exercise that can bring about great changes in your days and your mood insyaAllah 😊 So let’s self-care 💪



An unforgettable night
To see the moon red, then crescent with visible black shadow to a bright, bright full moon
How is it for a mind to comprehend a spectacle this beautiful
For the Creator to have set such a rare occurrence
Nothing short of subhanAllah
The beauty that is the moon
Then you remember your Prophet ﷺ
Imagine seeing his beautiful face
Just for a while
May the heart be always yearning and loving
Reset and renew
Intentions to have Allah swt and Rasulullah ﷺ centre
To love His Beloved more than any other creation
To follow his sunnah to the best of your ability


I stared long at the sentence
It’s one thing to read a caption off a picture as it is but it’s another when you know the context, the reason behind it
My very dear friend’s mother has been battling with leukemia for quite some time
For certain it has been a toiling time for her and family
As the eldest child I’m sure she’s tried to maintain a strong front
But her unseen tears and sadness, only Allah knows
I pray for her and family everyday
For their strength, patience, perseverance and unwavering faith in Him
He does not burden a soul greater than his or her capability
Allah loves us and He tests us in different ways

My dear friend, remember that every day that you leave home for work you are indeed supporting your family, being of service to your parents and family
And I’m sure they are proud of you
Don’t ever think any of it will go to waste, as long as you do what you do for His sake
So much daily rewards mashaAllah
My dear friend, remember that for every sweat and unending exhaustion you feel fulfilling your responsibilities at the same time hoping and praying for the recovery of your beloved mother, Allah knows. Allah sees it all. Allah hears.
Allah is raising your status for your patience inshaAllah, so keep going. Truly, beautiful things await the patient ones 💕 so keep on living and loving, keep on praying, keep on believing 🌹

And this is the caption, “Beautiful things await those who serve their parents patiently, who work diligently to support them, and place their trust and love in Allah completely”.

May Allah swt grant syifa’ to all those in sickness and may He ease their difficulties for none cures but Him and nothing is difficult what He makes easy.

How Allah reminds us through others. And when you look back at your own family, it’s overwhelming. There’s SO much to work on. You think you’re good but how good are you really considering how you are as a daughter? As a sister? It all begins and ends with the family they say. What good is it if you’re praised and admired outside but the real you at home is in dissonance with that? How then will you truly attain peace? Allah covers our faults such that we look good to others but truly, how are we really?

Quran Journaling (QJ) #1: Gratitude

Bismillah. I’m starting on a new journey that is Quran journaling 📖 It is something I’ve been wanting do especially after being inspired by sister Ayesha Shahira‘s Quran tagging journey & sister Humairah of The Light Journal. Do check them out! Anyways, it made me think back on my relationship with the Quran. I mean, how can I forge a close relationship with Allah without living by His words? I feel bad for bookmarking multiple verses of the Quran in an app but never really got back to it. The journal will mostly be on my personal reflections of the verses. May it be of benefit, insyaAllah. And, please feel free to share your own thoughts on it if you do have. We’re all still learning and we can learn from one another. At the end of the day, what do His words mean to us?


To elaborate on the gratitude journal, this is something I’ve personally practiced since early this year and it has helped me greatly in terms of my mental health, my mood etc, alhamdulillah. I’ve been using this app Gratitude Journal for Android. I’m pretty sure there are more out there. I particularly like this one because we are required to enter things we are grateful for, for the day and then click on a button that says “Yes I am grateful”. So you can enter as many as you like. In a way, this is great as a positive reinforcement 🙂

Another point to mention is that it’s not just about the good or pleasant things that we should remember to be grateful for. In fact, it’s everything. You don’t have to list them all, maybe start with 3 things every day. Experiment with it and see what works best for you.

Practising gratitude will not solve all problems but it’s a great tool for growth and a way to earn Allah’s love, sometimes even leaving us overwhelmed with the countless bounties He’s blessed us with.

How can we express our gratitude? More than just words, it’s our actions. We can do so by taking advantage of them. Of our life, our health, our wealth, our free time and our youth.

Regarding the next verse, as mentioned in Tafsir ibn Kathir, Allah swt doesn’t need the gratitude of His servants, and He is worthy of all praise even if the disbelievers disbelieve in Him. For He is Al-Ghaniy. This reminds me of how very dependent we are on Him and that we must not be shy or arrogant in always turning to Him in our affairs, no matter big or small. Always make it a point to converse with Him.

An October Weekend & Reminders 

Had a pretty packed weekend. And some reminders and reflections, may it be of benefit!

Empower yourself with knowledge. Seek knowledge and always be learning even if you may have to travel a little bit far. Renew your intentions. At the same time, remind yourself that it’s always adab first before knowledge. Keep a check on yourself and your heart. Istighfar always for our sins are so plenty we’ve no time to criticise or judge others.

Get a hold of yourself when you start to think ill of someone.
By the way, I’m not sure if you know about this peeling gel in the market. It gets rid of your dead skin cells, whiteheads etc. I recently used it and it’s so good. Your face would feel so so clean afterwards and I can’t help but think, if only it is this easy to cleanse our hearts eh 💔 Guess this is our jihad then. Our ongoing struggle and fight to continously cleanse our hearts and better our character.

People will disappoint you, time and time again. Plans will not go as planned. Don’t dwell on it. It may be that you dislike it but it’s good for you. Move on.

Nothing is quite as attractive as a passionate person. Someone may be average-looking to the majority but I personally find that if he or she speaks and exudes positivity and love through what he or she does and believe in, that’s truly beautiful. Through a mental health training I attended yesterday, I saw some really passionate, knowledgeable and sincere doctor, counsellors, caregivers. So much love/passion/enthusiasm, so much life. Inspiring alhamdulillah.

Wanted to attend a talk on manners by al-Maghrib but I only got to know about it on the event day so it was too late. The day after, a dear friend shared with me her notes! How did she know?? Allah knows. And Allah send these beautiful souls. Allah suprises us in beautiful ways, we just have to notice..

What you focus on, expands.

If you’re reading this, may Allah swt ease your affairs and may you have a blessed week ahead 🙂

The best things in life are sometimes..

Unexpected and/or spontaneous. So if you have a sudden thought or idea or opportunity before you, don’t just let it slide! Pursue it!

Last week, I went to Coney Island with my ex-colleagues just by planning a few days before when we have actually planned for several months when I was still working there but we never get to do it. As impromptu as it was, it was great alhamdulillah. And this is a big thing for me, for someone who’s big on prior planning and the need for details.

A few days ago, I met up with Nabs and we went to have a ‘picnic’ at guess where, the carpark rooftop. And I had my first successful attempt at skateboarding as much as I never expected/planned to do it. Turns out I absolutely loved the new experiences hehe.