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Heart Therapy Talk @ Jamiyah ar-Rabitah Mosque

The past Sunday I attended the above talk with my dear A, alhamdulillah it was a beneficial afternoon. Can’t be more timely, to talk about the heart, especially since it’s been more than a month since Ramadhan left. These are some personal takeaways I managed to note down: First part of the talk was by… Continue reading Heart Therapy Talk @ Jamiyah ar-Rabitah Mosque

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The Light of the Night 

The beautiful moon two nights ago. Excuse the laundry hanged by my neighbour please hehe. I’m reminded of what my ustazah said during class last week when she mentioned how when we reach scenic and picturesque places like New Zealand(for example) then we say “SubhanAllah”. Ouch. Haha. Truth is, His beauty is all around. His… Continue reading The Light of the Night