Mum Cooks Best!

I was craving for Macs pancakes this morning but I didn’t manage to get it. Above picture is prata instead, fried by my lovely mum who said those ‘Malay pancakes’ are nicer. Paired with yesterday’s dish of ‘daging kicap’, she is right.

This reminds me of yesterday’s sharing session whereby brother Aydarus said that good health derives from good food. And what is good food? They are food cooked with LOVE, by our mothers/wife.

Thank you ibu for always doing all that you do with love, no matter how tired or negatively affected you may be. Truly, love like yours is unconditional. Please know that we all love you so much even though we’re not the best in showing it. May we be children that live to always be in you and dad’s service, to put you first after Allah swt and Rasulullah s.a.w. Ameen.


At where I am now
Conversations with friends about life and us
Those who seem to be doing fine in fact are also sad and struggling as well
My struggles aplenty
Yet my blessings
So much more
From family to education to friends to work to all the little things in life to a continous journey towards Allah and Rasulullah
May I always see things from the bigger picture
That life is so much more
Than chasing tangible achievements
And settling down with the love of my life
May I always remember my bigger purpose
And it is not the degree, the high salary, the big house, the marriage
Though they are all wonderful things
May I always strive to betterment
Of myself, my life and others around me
Whilst doing so to be thankful and humble
And never despair in spite of what may come

Tawakkaltu Ala Allah 🌠

How amazing and beautiful would it be

To fall in love with a man
Through his words
Not flowery fluff make-any-woman melt kind of words
But words of deep and long thought
Words that signal of intellect, maturity, his heart
Words that direct toward the signs of the world that He has created- signs of reminders, beauty
More than attractive physical looks, may I fall in love with a man of breathtakingly beautiful mind and heart who centers his life on God❤