Less is Good 

So nice to see several posts about this book- and I’ll be the next one. Can’t resist. I find it a good book thus far especially as a beginner delving into this. Guess the hype is not so much about the boook but the idea of minimalism itself
What resonates with me about minimalism, or the minimalistic lifestyle is that is goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a conscious and continous choice of defining what truly matters, what makes you happy and the rest.. is just clutter. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, having more doesn’t necessarily make you happier. Less is good, too. #thingsthatmatter 


Inbox Zero

2017 achievement: Inbox Zero
What a hassle to go through 6 years of emails. Haha. But it was well worth it. It will be a continuous goal definitely, as emails still stream in daily and I’m still in the process of unsubscribing from some websites.

The term ‘digital hoarder’ struck a chord in me when I first came across it. Truth is, we won’t have as much time as we think we do to read all the emails except for a few really important ones. So it’s time to cut down.

Less emails= less digital clutter= more time to focus on those that do matter and are important= calmer mind= better life.

This is very much in line with the minimalist lifestyle that I have been trying to practice for the past few months. I got to know about Minimalism last year and it’s inspiring. Its main principle is truly about reclaiming the peace and happiness in our lives with less. Much less stuff. And to live only with that which makes us happy and gives meaning to our lives.

I’m currently reading a book related to this topic too and it’s called the Joy of Less by Francine Jay. I enjoy the way she writes, much wisdom infused with a sense of humour. I definitely recommend it!

Oh.. and what’s minimalism if not for the famous wadrobe cull? And all the aesthetics. I did my wadrobe and I will try my best to not buy new stuff(the hardest part actually). I still like my room with all the colours and.. other stuff. HAHA. The journey ahead is long and will not be void of challenges but I’m glad I started. Just need to always renew my intentions. Hoping to get to know people who are embracing this lifestyle too and hope more will be inspired to live more, with less! May we all be continously inspired to do and live better☺