I Met TheTudungTraveller :)

I did the bravest thing in a long time today, alhamdulillah.

Came up and talked to this lovely sister whom I look up to. Even though I don’t know her personally but I have been following her writings on Instagram and her blog. (Pictures aren’t an accurate representations of people’s lives but their writings do a give a great glimpse on their thoughts, worldview, priorities, character etc.)

I love how she’s just so beautifully honest and wise in her writings on life, love, pain, self-improvement and many more. In one way or another, I can totally relate. Her everyday endeavors are inspirational too. May Allah swt bless and increase you in goodness and taqwa, dear kak. Hope to see you again soon insyaAllah 😘 (Do find her on ig: @thetudungtraveller! )


i do seriously want to have real and honest conversations 

how to when the atmosphere is always of constant caution and anxiety
i dont want to gossip
but that’s what they like to do
how do i keep up
when i ask in honesty
but i was not treated seriously

why is it
i either say too little
or share too much
when i do share and the other person doesn’t pick up on it
when it’s actually something very important to me
or something i thought twice thrice before saying
and it just goes unattended to
a part of me dies a little inside

#rant #thisislife #justsmallstruggles #keeponmovingandworking 

On Prayers, Departure & Ambition 

Will we ever be ready, truly?

We prayed the jenazah prayer for my late great grandmother today
Prayer upon prayer
Our hands to the skies
We ask of Him
For the one lying in front of us
Forgiveness, mercy

I can’t help but wonder
How will it be when our turn is up?

What will the people remember of me?
Will they pray for me?
Will I be a person such that I deserve His Love and Mercy?

The answer is up to me

Our mind is a blessing
And a responsibility
So when I decided today
What do I want to be?
A good person.

“Aku nak jadi orang yang baik”.
Camne nak jadi orang baik? Buat baik.
Teringat kata-kata Mufti Ustaz Fatris, macam-macam  perkara baik yang kita boleh lakukan. Sedangkan mengetepikan perkara di jalanan yang boleh jadi halangan untuk orang lain adalah sebahagian dari iman..
Jangan remehkan perkara ‘kecil’. Tak kira baik atau buruk. Sebab dua-dua ade kesannye kepada kita, tak termasuk dosa atau pahala kerana mungkin jugak orang lain yang terjejas.

A simple sentence yet holds so much weight and meaning.
May Allah swt ease.

You are Enough.

“Regardless of who we are, how we were raised or what we believe, all of us fight hidden, silent battles against not being good enough, not having enough and not belonging enough. When we find the courage to share our experiences and the compassion to hear others tell their stories, we force shame out of hiding, and end the silence.”
– Brenè Brown

May our days ahead be of courage and strength, insyaAllah.

Mum Cooks Best!

I was craving for Macs pancakes this morning but I didn’t manage to get it. Above picture is prata instead, fried by my lovely mum who said those ‘Malay pancakes’ are nicer. Paired with yesterday’s dish of ‘daging kicap’, she is right.

This reminds me of yesterday’s sharing session whereby brother Aydarus said that good health derives from good food. And what is good food? They are food cooked with LOVE, by our mothers/wife.

Thank you ibu for always doing all that you do with love, no matter how tired or negatively affected you may be. Truly, love like yours is unconditional. Please know that we all love you so much even though we’re not the best in showing it. May we be children that live to always be in you and dad’s service, to put you first after Allah swt and Rasulullah s.a.w. Ameen.


At where I am now
Conversations with friends about life and us
Those who seem to be doing fine in fact are also sad and struggling as well
My struggles aplenty
Yet my blessings
So much more
From family to education to friends to work to all the little things in life to a continous journey towards Allah and Rasulullah
May I always see things from the bigger picture
That life is so much more
Than chasing tangible achievements
And settling down with the love of my life
May I always remember my bigger purpose
And it is not the degree, the high salary, the big house, the marriage
Though they are all wonderful things
May I always strive to betterment
Of myself, my life and others around me
Whilst doing so to be thankful and humble
And never despair in spite of what may come

Tawakkaltu Ala Allah 🌠