A Secret Good

We don’t know people’s amal
The good that they do, unknown to many or none
Yet earning His Pleasure
For one it might be his words of da’wah explaining Islam to his non Muslim friends
For another it is his setting aside of some money every month to sponsor an orphan
Or sadaqah to the uncles or aunties selling tissues when he sees them
For another it is in his sincere trying to be a good Muslim
Within which he struggles as he’s trying to make sense of the dichotomy in his mind between the effects of grief and being a good Muslim as he’s not trying to defy His will but he’s so, so distraught
For a sister it is her disciplining herself to refrain from posting photos of herself on her social media account despite the desire to do so, she just knew deep down she’s mainly doing it for her own good, her own heart
For a brother it is him controlling himself from second glances
Some write, some talk or share, some teach,
Yet essentially, they serve
For some others it’s their silence that speaks the loudest as through that you get to see their character and mannerisms
Another sister makes it a point to smile to the people she sees
A couple is remaining patient and hopeful awaiting for the rizq of a child
A brother keeping his jemaah prayers at the mosque consistent while another maintains them at home with his family
The point is
Just because you don’t see people doing the same “good” as you doesn’t mean they’re any “less”
Coz goodness is widely varied and it doesn’t have to be seen/told to be counted
Never underestimate any value of goodness
See the good in people
And to race to all that is good

What about you, what’s your secret good?


Because His signs are all around.

As you continue to traverse in life,
Hope you will keep this in mind
Remember that humbling moment when you were travelling by sea.

Looking up to the vastness of the skies Always be in awe, never despair of yourself, your life and His Mercy

Remember the strong waves that caused the ferry to trudge and then stall for a while
Instilling a sudden fear in you, reminding you of those mentioned in the Quran who only remembered Him in danger but then forget and commit injustice when they are safe (10:22)

Remember too the turbulence while in the air, thousands of metres above ground level
The sea, the winds, the waves not forgetting the bumpy roads and the unpredictable traffic and motorists
The transport is only the means

You’ll never know for sure if you will reach your destination safely
Make us among the grateful ones, who remembers You and are grateful to You, be it on the seas, in the air or on land.

An Internship Reflection

Just ended my internship at an organisation focused on helping people with mental illness and their family members. Albeit a short one, it was beneficial and meaningful alhamdulillah. Just thought I’d share a part of my reflection (:

I would say the most joyful moments here would be when I was able to connect with clients, even though it was just one client for that one day. It would not have happened had I stayed in my comfort zone and just choose to mingle with people I am already comfortable with. Through learning their stories, I am reminded of the strength of the human spirit. People face all kinds of struggles in life and some are being chosen for the test on their mental health. They are strong because they choose the path of recovery, self-betterment, and courage every single day and this touched and inspired me deeply. Some live every day to support their loved ones and themselves, while resilient and patient.

I will never forget the woman who is taking care of her mother in law with dementia, while her daughter has a mental health condition and her husband has a life-threatening illness. Some are fortunate to have supportive family members while some are making by with what they have on their own, keeping hope for a better tomorrow.

On the other hand, there were also clients whom I had seen in quite dire states and I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. I learned that as much as we want to help others, we need to also understand that action ultimately comes from them and we are simply a means. We need to learn to detach when necessary.

I also learned to never underestimate the value of helping others. What we do may seem small but if done with sincerity and an open heart, it would do wonders and be significant to those whom we are serving.

Another important lesson that I learned would be to be kind to everyone and to withhold judgment. What we see on the exterior may just be a facade as we may not be aware of the struggles and pain that people have gone through or are going through. This points to why we should never judge someone based on our assumptions and perhaps flawed perception. Until we are in their shoes and learn about them would we truly understand where they are coming from.

Heartfelt Conversations

Imagine carrying a life inside you for several months
Only to have to come to terms with the fact that one day
The little one’s heartbeat has stopped
The little one that you had wished so much to see, embrace and raise has returned to his Creator

Just had a conversation with mum in the cab about my late second brother, women’s challenging and excruciating pain of labour and post-labour. Ya Allah. I got all sad and tearful when she said this is the reason why we as children cannot ever be ungrateful and disrespectful to our parents and our mothers especially. May Allah swt forgive us. It’s said that you will better appreciate your mother when you become a mother/father yourself. I don’t want to wait till I become a mother till I appreciate her better, how would I guarantee that I will meet that day?

Also, mum told me about how everyone’s tested in one way or another. It can be that Allah tests a woman with her children if not her husband if not her in-laws if not her husband’s siblings and the likes. You get it. Same goes for the menfolk. Basically, we should actually expect to be tested. Whatever that we’re put to, we can pull through. Maybe it all it takes sometimes is a little bit more acceptance, patience, positive thinking, and lots of faith. Easier said than done but it’s something that bears frequent repeating as a reminder. That we may always strive hard to be the best for His sake. Amin.


Felt the cold air on my feet
Cool, cool breeze
Seems like weather is a lot like life
So while it lasts, cherish
Same goes for many aspects of it
Our circumstances, thoughts, emotions, opinions, our own selves
Are far from static
And as long as we’re traversing here in this world
We will be just that, travellers
This place is temporary too
And while we’re still staying
Remember that change is inevitable
And the only constant- is Him

Unforgettable Mecca- Some thoughts and reflections 

I’m just one, among a sea of so many. Hundreds, thousands of people. All these lovers of Allah swt. I felt so small. Miniscule. As compared to the sanctity of the Kaabah, the sanctity of Masjidil Haram. To the greatness of Allah. What do I have to be proud of? Truly Allah does not look at our exterior. But our hearts. And we’re none to evaluate other people’s exterior because we don’t know their ranks with Allah. When you come to His House, you’re coming to Allah. You’re running to Allah. And so all these while I prayed facing the Kaabah and right then it was just in front of me. I would echo the sentiments of others who have experienced it in that it’s surreal beyond words. (You must come here! InsyaAllah!) 

Labbaik Allahhumma Labbaik – we repeat this as we were en route from Medina to Mecca. One of the ustaz mentioned how we were all, with our sins and flaws, undeserving to be there at such a Holy place. Allahu. Yet, Allah swt has invited us and that should make us humble. That we should walk with humility, out of gratefulness to Him for granting us the opportunity to be there.
To relate it back to our daily prayers, may we always remember this. That you’re coming before your Lord so be aware of your stand before Him. Humble yourself. Allah is The Greatest.

Looking at so many people doing the tawaf at a single time, to doing the sa’i, masyaAllah. It was a really beautiful sight to see so many of the Muslim ummah, from all over the world, from all walks of life, coming to answer His call. I was brought to think, ya Rasulullah, peace and blessings be upon you always for all the work you and all the prophets had undertaken to spread the beautiful Deen. We’re not where we are without their work. 13 years in Mecca and 10 years in Medina of relentless and sincere da’wah, together with his noble family and companions, carried forward to the righteous men and women up till now where we are blessed with the greatest blessing that is Islam. How do we show our gratitude? How do we carry on this work of da’wah? What I can think of is by following closely to the sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ , learn the seerah and about him, his ahlul bayt, his companions and the righteous people and strive to follow them in ways that we can. Make it a point to always send selawat upon him every day. As for continuing the work of da’wah, our mission is to be a good ambassador of Islam. What more with trying times like now. Perhaps we can start with ourselves first, our akhlak, the way we treat others and so on.

Another thing I learn is that having the financial means does not necessarily guarantee that we get to go here and that those who lack it don’t get to. To Mecca and Medina, it’s an invitation really, not any random holiday. People who are poor get to go here too. How? Allah knows best. He can make the means easy for those whom He wills. Some people may be wealthier but they may not have the will to go here as yet. Some people may want to come but their health condition does not allow them to even if they could afford it. So the lesson is, yes, prior planning is important considering the rising costs of umrah as the years pass. But more importantly I believe is the du’a and the intention for his Tawfiq. Because when He calls there’s nothing that can stop you from answering His call. He can make easy even when it seems impossible. Let’s make du’a that He invites us all to His House to perform the umrah/hajj and to visit Rasulullah ﷺ in Medina again and again and that He makes it easy for us. Amin!

In sum, humility, gratitude, turning to and having faith in Allah swt 🎀❤

Quran Journal (QJ) 2: Sufficient 

One theme I get from this verse is centrality. We have many things going on in our lives but I feel it’s very important to always ask ourselves these 2 main questions. Amidst our wants, aspirations and needs, what is our main goal in life? Who do we put as centre? Is it a celebrity, a particular someone, a spouse or children? Or is it Allah swt and Rasulullah ﷺ ?

The other way I think of it is such that if our world were to crumble into pieces will we also fall apart or will we still be strong? And if we are strong what is it that gives us the strength to hold on? Thus for me the only answer is the handhold that never breaks and that is Allah swt. It scares me the possibility of us having everything that we desire of this world but we don’t have Allah swt.. may Allah protect us. This verse reminds me that it is absolutely okay to not have everything or to understand everything that happens because we have Allah swt. Because when we have Him, this brings me to the next point that..

Allah’s knowledge suffices us. Our knowledge and understanding as humans is only limited as compared to that of Allah swt, our Creator, who knows us best. And it brings a sort of comfort and humility to realise that I don’t know everything and I don’t really understand everything right now but in due time He will make me understand. In a way I figure it teaches us patience and forbearance. Also, it is a reminder on trusting Allah’s perfect timing. No matter what people say, that’s just that. When you do get caught up with social comparison and the likes, remind yourself that His timing is always, always in your favour and thus, is perfect.

To elaborate, we should care less about the people and care more about how Allah sees us. This is a personally crucial point for me as I tend to get worked up with people’s perceptions which are basically, at the end of the day, just perceptions and assumptions which may not be true. Here I believe it takes courage to do me and to live by what I believe is right as aligned with the Deen. And this is where I believe renewing many good intentions help, with whatever that you do. Intentions for posting that picture, writing a new entry on the blog, sharing something with friends etc. If you do it for the people and their pleasure, it’s usually a set-up for disappointment but if you do it for His sake, nothing will go to waste, even if you don’t see the immediate rewards, insyaAllah.

Building this mentality of “They don’t know and it’s ok, Allah know and that’s enough” when you pray for someone. How you wish they only knew? Perhaps that’s the wisdom behind praying for someone in their absence. To keep it sincere and a way of manifesting our love for them for His sake.

Actionable (for myself first): to recognise and make time for moments when it’s just me and my Creator. Make it quality time. When does it last feel that nothing else mattered but you and Him?