You see their happiness. MashaAllah. And you praise Allah for only He, the Greatest One could make it happen. And indeed He, too, is the Best Provider. You smiled to yourself and realised, He can give happiness to you too. In so many ways. Maybe similar, in other forms, perhaps soon or maybe later. Trust. His timing is always perfect. So pray for them and feel your heart expand. You’re loving for His sake. Not an utter of word to them but pleas and hopes raised to the Most High. And the Angels respond with ameen for you too. Oh and don’t forget to look around and look close. Don’t you have enough already to make you full of gratitude? Look within, and up. Is Allah not enough for you? ❤


I think I get it now when they say “Be yourself”.

When I don’t give the moment its due
Regret fills the heart as much as I hate to face it
Then I realise the thing that I wanted to do, not the one that I was supposed to, wasn’t that worth it afterall
Time and again I’m taught the lesson that
At times you need to put yourself aside
And do what the moments ask of you
And that
Doing something with expectations that a person will appreciate and reciprocate
Will leave you wondering why did you even bother in the first place 
Why don’t I just be me
Appreciating people quietly
Being present quietly
Acheiving quietly
Not needing to show or wanting any kind of external or rather extra validation from people who, perhaps, don’t really care?

*So I’ve learnt to accept that most people don’t really care. About what you do. What you eat. Where you’re at. What books you’re reading. Those who do are a few and they will all be the ones that truly matter.
Because they’re human they won’t always be there
But no doubt you will know the real and sincere ones (and may we be among those too)

And I figure
I’ve always been a private person
Only on this platform do I feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings
I don’t share with close friends or family as much as I do here
And I think that’s good
At least for me
And this is me
And I don’t have to be like her, or her or them
I’ll just be me

Whatever you do, regardless
Don’t do it for the people
Search deep in your heart before you set out on something
Plant the right intentions and make them firm
Remind and keep reminding yourself to hold onto that
For their pleasure of for His?

You’re Not Alone, Chin Up! 

Know that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one struggling. There are so many people out there struggling too. Some with coping with loss of loved ones, depression, addiction, phobia, anger management problems, physical and verbal abuse.. the list goes on.

The world is bigger than just me. There is a life out there, outside of my mind, and outside of my life. Therefore, be gentle. To yourself. To others. Everyday, rise again. Try again. Smile. Present your best. Do your best. Learn. 

Let’s tread this journey of healing together.