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I Met TheTudungTraveller :)

​I did the bravest thing in a long time today, alhamdulillah. Came up and talked to this lovely sister whom I look up to. Even though I don’t know her personally but I have been following her writings on Instagram and her blog. (Pictures aren’t an accurate representations of people’s lives but their writings do… Continue reading I Met TheTudungTraveller 🙂

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​”You’re too pretty to be single!”

​“You’re too pretty to be single! Are you sure you’re single?” A comment made on a sister’s instagram photo and caption about embracing singlehood while awaiting the right person to make their presence. Reminds me of a similar remark I personally encountered with a colleague. Funny how I didn’t manage to say anything when the… Continue reading ​”You’re too pretty to be single!”